Recently Published Books

Senator's Assignment, The by Joan E. Histon

Senator's Assignment, The

Joan E. Histon

Oct 2018

A Senator is plunged into the dark heart of the Roman Empire.

Karna's Wheel by Michael Tobert

Karna's Wheel

Michael Tobert

Sep 2018

A poignant story about love, inheritance, and the things that determine who we are, set to the backdrops of Twentieth century Dundee and Calcutta.

Occupation of Joe, The by Bill Baynes

Occupation of Joe, The

Bill Baynes

Aug 2018

Tokyo, 1945. As post-war pressures mount, an American officer becomes entangled in the lives of a Japanese boy, his infant sister and his beautiful mother.

That They Might Lovely Be by David Matthews

That They Might Lovely Be

David Matthews

Dec 2017

In the turbulent aftermath of the First World War, one woman embodies love as mother, bride, virgin, to a young man of uncertain parentage.

In the Land of Dreams by Lawrence Swaim

In the Land of Dreams

Lawrence Swaim

Nov 2017

A tale of ancestral secrets and the merging of past and present in modern-day Manhattan.

No Safe Anchorage by Liz MacRae Shaw

No Safe Anchorage

Liz MacRae Shaw

Oct 2017

A glimpse of a mysterious stranger sends a sailor on a quest across the ocean...

David and the Philistine Woman by Paul Boorstin

David and the Philistine Woman

Paul Boorstin

Jul 2017

Young David's destiny collides with the wife of Goliath in this suspenseful re-imagining of a crucial turning point in the Bible.

Little Wagons, The by Crozier Green

Little Wagons, The

Crozier Green

Dec 2016

Cosa Nostra was born a bastard. This book relates the atrocities of the adolescent child.

Farmhouse in the Rain, A by Joe Kilgore

Farmhouse in the Rain, A

Joe Kilgore

Aug 2016

Even in war, there is such a thing as murder.

Hendersons, The by Daphne Glazer

Hendersons, The

Daphne Glazer

Jul 2016

Explores the social pressure on a working-class family to conform and fight for king and country.

Chinese Magus, The by Richard Yeo

Chinese Magus, The

Richard Yeo

Mar 2016

Xiang Li, Governor of Xinjiang Province, journeyed to Bethlehem to witness a birth and found death ... his death.

Secular Gospel of Sophia, The by Daniel G. Helton

Secular Gospel of Sophia, The

Daniel G. Helton

Jan 2016

They were building a religion. She was keeping a faith.

Angel's Lamp, The by Ashby Jones

Angel's Lamp, The

Ashby Jones

Jan 2016

What reservations about love are justified? Tale of rebellion, loyalty and love set in war-torn Ireland just after the Easter Rising 1916.

Riding Hearts by Thomas Moffatt

Riding Hearts

Thomas Moffatt

Nov 2015

A tale of romance, betrayal and revenge that will keep you hooked to the very last page.

Black Tom: Terror on the Hudson by Ron Semple

Black Tom: Terror on the Hudson

Ron Semple

Oct 2015

Sabotage and Shenanigans

Grendel’s Mother by Susan Signe Morrison

Grendel’s Mother

Susan Signe Morrison

Sep 2015

Grendel's Mother from Beowulf – a queen, whose birth is shrouded in mystery – threatens the fragile political stability of a windswept land.

Black and Deep Desires by Graham Holderness

Black and Deep Desires

Graham Holderness

Sep 2015

Shakespeare, the Dark Lady, Guy Fawkes – and vampires!

Cowards by Trent Portigal


Trent Portigal

Sep 2015

A family’s life falls into turmoil when the parents’ timid political dissidence is discovered by their far more enterprising children.

Last Stork Summer, The by Mary Brigid Surber

Last Stork Summer, The

Mary Brigid Surber

May 2015

It takes more than historical facts to help readers connect to a part of history that is so diabolical and devastating.

Godwine Kingmaker by Mercedes Rochelle

Godwine Kingmaker

Mercedes Rochelle

Apr 2015

The life of Earl Godwine presents us with one of the enduring enigmas of English history; was he greedy and grasping, or protector of English rights against the hated Normans?

Gramsci in Love by Andrew Pearmain

Gramsci in Love

Andrew Pearmain

Apr 2015

A novel about the love-life of Antonio Gramsci (1891-1937).

Destiny Between Two Worlds, A by Jacques L Fuqua, Jr

Destiny Between Two Worlds, A

Jacques L Fuqua, Jr

Apr 2015

That fateful October 1944 morning offered no inkling that the lives of thousands of Okinawans would be profoundly changed—forever.

Heir to a Prophecy by Mercedes Rochelle

Heir to a Prophecy

Mercedes Rochelle

Dec 2014

When Macbeth's Witches pass their prophecy to Fleance's son Walter, they take him from England to Normandy and finally Scotland, where he founds the line of the Stewarts.

Messiah by Sheena Vernon


Sheena Vernon

Dec 2014

The faltering steps of Harry Walsh as he makes his way to success and happiness performing in the playhouses of Georgian London.

Legacy of a Warrior Queen by Maria Herring

Legacy of a Warrior Queen

Maria Herring

Dec 2014

In 60 C.E. the rebel queen Boudica set out to defeat the Roman invaders -- and she did. The legacy she left behind changed history.

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  • Susan Signe MorrisonSusan Signe MorrisonLiving in Austin, Texas, Susan writes on topics lurking in the margins of history, ranging from rece...
  • Ashby JonesAshby JonesAshby Jones is a portfolio manager at Morgan Stanley in Newport Beach, California. He holds a bachel...
  • Steven Ingman-GreerSteven Ingman-GreerAs a gifted child, Steven Inman-Greer was captivated by the Russia he discovered in Tolstoy’s War ...
  • Liz MacRae ShawLiz MacRae ShawLiz Macrae Shaw has always been fascinated by the stories we tell about our past, the flows and eddi...
  • David HaworthDavid HaworthDavid Haworth was born in Lancashire in 1978. He grew up in the fells of the Lake District, before r...
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  • R.J. ConnorR.J. ConnorRoss James Connor is a researcher, writer and historian. He has a degree in Writing Contemporary Fic...
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  • T.S. ChaudhryT.S. ChaudhryT.S. Chaudhry is a former Pakistani diplomat. He has a Ph.D. from the University of Cambridge, and f...
  • Jacques L Fuqua, JrJacques L Fuqua, JrJacques L. Fuqua, Jr. has spent the better part of his adult life associated with East Asia, particu...
  • Nimue BrownNimue BrownNimue Brown has been an active Pagan and Druid for many years, having volunteered for the Pagan Fede...
  • Trent PortigalTrent PortigalTrent Portigal is a writer of political tales and urban anecdotes. His second novel A Floating Phras...
  • Michael TobertMichael TobertMICHAEL TOBERT went to Oxford University, started a publishing company of sorts and lives in Scotlan...
  • Mercedes RochelleMercedes RochelleBorn in St. Louis MO with a degree from University of Missouri, Mercedes Rochelle learned about livi...