A family’s life falls into turmoil when the parents’ timid political dissidence is discovered by their far more enterprising children.


Cowards recounts the collapse of the painstakingly constructed life of a family in a society split between formal European and Saskatchewan-style pragmatic socialism.
Lora and Léon Chaulieu, the former a respected judge and the latter a blacklisted writer, manage to keep their family on the right side of the law and the prospects of their two teenage daughters open until Lora is reassigned from the capital, where the family lives, to a small prairie city. This forces Léon to become the central parental figure, making it impossible to keep up the wall between his subversive activities and his home life. Without the balancing influence of Lora, the turmoil caused by the meeting of these two worlds leads the whole family down a path of increasing lawlessness.

Trent Portigal
Trent Portigal Trent Portigal is a writer of political tales and urban anecdotes. His second novel A Floating Phrase was shortlisted for the Robert Kroetsc...
Hendersons, The by Daphne Glazer

Hendersons, The

Daphne Glazer

Beat the Rain by Nigel Jay Cooper

Beat the Rain

Nigel Jay Cooper

Being Sarah Chilton by Ruth Briddon

Being Sarah Chilton

( A guide for all Mums when the sh*t hits the fan)

Ruth Briddon

Birds of the Nile by N.E. David

Birds of the Nile

An Egyptian Adventure

N.E. David

Burden, The by N.E. David

Burden, The

A Family Saga

N.E. David

Malaren by N.E. David


A Swedish Affair

N.E. David

Lillian's Garden by Carrie Jane Knowles

Lillian's Garden

Carrie Jane Knowles

Because I Had To by David Bulitt

Because I Had To

David Bulitt

Blood Profit$ by J. Victor Tomaszek, James N. Patrick, Sr

Blood Profit$

The Lithium Conspiracy

J. Victor Tomaszek
James N. Patrick, Sr

Steal a Few Cents by Rupert Smith

Steal a Few Cents

Rupert Smith

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