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Hidden Crown, The

Northland: 1166

David Haworth

Dec 2013

In an alternate twelfth century, a young Norse solider saves the Saxon child-queen from assassination and is plunged into a struggle for the throne.

Sex Comes to Pemberley

'Pride and Prejudice' Re-visited

Mary Bennett

Mar 2014

In 'Sex Comes to Pemberley' the varied sex lives of Mrs Bennet and her five daughters is central not peripheral.

Legacy of a Warrior Queen

Maria Herring

Dec 2014

In 60 C.E. the rebel queen Boudica set out to defeat the Roman invaders -- and she did. The legacy she left behind changed history.

Queen of Sparta, The

A Novel of Ancient Greece

T.S. Chaudhry

Dec 2014

Though history has relegated her role to that of a bystander, what if Gorgo, Queen of Sparta, had played a central role in the Greek resistance to the Persian invasion?

Black and Deep Desires

William Shakespeare, Vampire Hunter

Graham Holderness

Sep 2015

Shakespeare, the Dark Lady, Guy Fawkes – and vampires!

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