Little Wagons, The

The Traumatic Birth of Sicily's Cosa Nostra

Crozier Green

Hendersons, The

Daphne Glazer

Chinese Magus, The

Richard Yeo

Angel's Lamp, The

Ashby Jones

Riding Hearts

Thomas Moffatt


Trent Portigal

Grendel’s Mother

The Saga of the Wyrd-Wife

Susan Signe Morrison

Coming Soon - July 2017 Apr 24 2017

Nara is a young Philistine woman who has given up hope of ever finding a husband. No man will take a wife who towers head and shoulders above him. She lives in isolation with her father, until she is ...

Featured Book: Lost Eagle Mar 17 2017

  The Untold Story of HIH Grand Duchess Tatiana of Russia. An epic drama of world-changing events revealed through the visionary consciousness of Tatiana, one of the four daughters of t...

Creepiness and Sinister Mice Feb 15 2017

Here are a few excerpts from Intelligent Designing for Amateurs, featuring creepy mice. I blame Douglas Adams entirely, I just can't get enough sinister mice... Charlie caught the dog-faced boy...

Riding Hearts Jan 10 2017

  Riding Hearts by Thomas Moffatt This is a tale of romance, betrayal and revenge that will keep you hooked to the very last page. Riding Hearts is an historical romance set in the f...

The Little Waggons Dec 21 2016

by Crozier Green Cosa Nostra’s Sicilian birth was an epic struggle between penury and privilege, born of a centuries-old conflict between a peasant underclass and a ruling elite. This noble cause...

Top Hat Books Nov 19 2016

This week we’re taking a closer look at our historical fiction imprint, Top Hat Books. Whether it’s a story of rebellion, loyalty and love in Ireland in the early 20th century, or an alternativ...

October/November eBook Promotion Oct 25 2016

From 15th October - 15th November eBook Promotion at $£0.99 (subject to tax by different retailer sites. This promotion should be available from all participating ebook platform sellers, which inc...