Love, music and malice at a time of Handel

The faltering steps of Harry Walsh as he makes his way to success and happiness performing in the playhouses of Georgian London.


Harry Walsh is a cheat and a rake, bent on experiencing all the pleasures of Hanoverian London. He is a singer, awed by the eminence of George Frederick Handel, a favourite of royalty and of the aristocracy. When Harry falls in love with Handel's shy assistant, Peter, he is drawn into a love triangle that slowly falls apart when Handel is ejected from his pinnacle by the machinations of his lead castrato and Harry faces financial ruin. Messiah offers a good read, online or in paperback, on vacation and when travelling. If you enjoy the historical romances of Phillippa Gregory and Rose Tremain you will enjoy Harry's exploits in the vivid setting of Georgian England.


Does for London what 'Pure' did for Paris. ~ Jane Myles, author

...a page-turner. ~ Linda Christmas, arts correspondent

Sheena Vernon
Sheena Vernon If Sheena Vernon could choose a perfect lifestyle it would be to read well written historical fiction and non-fiction while still in her dre...
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