Lost Eagle

Lost Eagle

The Untold Story of HIH Grand Duchess Tatiana of Russia

Inspired by The True Story of "From Russia with Love" - a secret buried for 90 years in the forgotten corner of an English churchyard...


An epic drama of world-changing events revealed through the visionary consciousness of Tatiana, one of the four daughters of the last Russian Tsar, Nicholas II and his wife Alexandra.
This is Tatiana's story, told through her diary: from idyllic childhood in the last royal family of Russia, to brutal imprisonment at the hands of the revolutionaries; from her last-minute escape and secret exile in England - for which there exists actual historical and documentary evidence - to her fulfilment in love and eventual tragic fate as she disappears from history under an assumed name.
Within the storyline of history, Tatiana's passionate and impressionistic diary entries are set against the gathering storm of the revolution and the ominous indicators of the Romanov family's impending doom - and against the machinations of the British establishment which decided her fate.


I'm reading the last few pages now of Lost Eagle, by Steven Ingman-Greer, and I can't tell you how much I am enjoying this book. This story itself is moving, and I am enchanted by this most remarkable family. Such a beautiful, haunting love story - of a deep and infinite love between sisters that goes beyond time. I am finding myself looking for more and more information about the Romanovs now, especially Olga and Tatiana. The spiritual & mystical aspects of the sisters' lives and the eternal nature of their relationship has been particularly moving to me. There are powerful messages here. Steven has written this story with sensitivity, insight and grace. Highly recommended. 5 Stars. ~ Gwyn Ardyth, Amazon.co.uk

A brilliant first novel by Steven. Great use of imagery and characterisation. The Historic and mysterious content was enthralling, I couldn't put it down! The spiritual theme/undertones throughout the novel made it a trully magical experience. Can't wait for the next book!! 5 Stars ~ Alison Collins (Literary Undergraduate), Amazon.co.uk

Fragile, Beautiful, Evocative and Mysterious Lost Eagle: The Untold Story of HIH Grand Duchess Tatiana of Russia 1897-1926 is based on the premise that Larrisa F Tudor is infact Tatiana Romanov. The author gives a background on Larissa for those who don't know and interestingly compares the story of Tatiana\Larissa to that of Tatiana Romanova the Bond heroine in the preface. The book is in diary form and it blends ghosts, nature and the lost splendor of the Romanov's throughout the book. When I look back on reading the book everything is bathed in a blinding white light which is a common theme throughout the novel. We follow Tatiana from a dream state, to the terror of the revolution (even an alternate ending to what we are taught happened on that night in July), green exile and later darkness. This book is characterised by colours and you will remember them long after you put the book down. 5 Sters ~ Hisame, Amazon.co.uk

Absolutely amazing first novel from Steven. An untold story about the Romanov's through the eyes of Tatiana. A great insight into what was shrouded in mystery. Most people know about Anastasia, but this is the first about Tatiana. Well done Steven can't wait for the movie and follow up. 5 Stars ~ Ian W Forster, Amazon.co.uk

This brilliant epic drama, seen through the eyes of HIH Grand Duchess Tatiana in her evocative diary entries of the last days of the last Imperial Family of Russia, gives a totally new and provocative insight into the lives and fate of the Romanovs. Set against the background of the gathering storm of revolution, omens of doom and irrevocable loss, Tatiana's story glowingly illuminates the dimensions of personal despair to rise phoenix-like from the ashes of human failings into the light of a spiritual transformation which transcends time. Throughout the narrative, almost you can hear, as from a distance, the music of Tatiana's tutor, Sergei Rachmaninov, carrying the ongoing theme with the underlying passion of a symphony. This is a truly astounding first novel by Steven Ingman-Greer! 5 Stars ~ K C Camm, Amazon.co.uk

Part II of the novel picks up where the official histories end and explores the premise that it was Tatiana – not Anastasia – who survived. The author has drawn on a variety of documents to construct this section of his narrative. He tells an intriguing story that could be checked by anyone inclined to do so, as his sources are cited. If you would like to know what Ingman-Greer says happened – read the book. It is an extremely good read, but it would be unfair to discuss the labyrinth of plotting and political shenanigans in this part of the plot. To do so really would spoil the story for those who have not read it yet. But the Tatiana who survived eight years after her family were murdered is one whom the reader will warm to and feel sympathetic towards as she tries to negotiate her way back into life from a position of being officially dead. This Tatiana is one who carried the wisdom, strength and teachings of Rasputin into her new life. Ingman-Greer’s novel is beautifully constructed, thought-provoking and a highly recommended ‘must read’ for fans of historical fiction. ~ Fiona Tinker, http://fionatinker.wordpress.com/

Lost Eagle is an emotional tour de force. A truly astounding first novel from Steven Ingman-Greer. ~ John Pickering

Steven Ingman-Greer
Steven Ingman-Greer As a gifted child, Steven Inman-Greer was captivated by the Russia he discovered in Tolstoy’s War and Peace and went on to study Russian h...
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