Gramsci in Love

Gramsci in Love

A novel about the love-life of Antonio Gramsci (1891-1937).


Gramsci in Love is a fictional account of the love life of the famous Italian communist leader Antonio Gramsci (1891-1937), focusing on his curious relationships with the three Schucht sisters, Evgenia, Tatiana and his wife Julia. It is set against the background of the Soviet Revolution and the Fascist takeover in Italy.


Gramsci in Love by Andrew Pearmain is a well-researched fictionalised biography. While the main focus is on the Italian communist leader’s love life, much detail is also given about communist Russia, and the political and intellectual life in all of Europe during Gramsci’s life. As often with biographical work the dramatic curve is dictated by the progress of actual events and does not always hold you in its grip as would a straight fiction novel. However, the dialogue in particular impressed me with its very authentic feel. Settings and characters were also very believable. The author clearly knows his subject and the period well. A fascinating and informative novel. I was put-off by the unattractive cover. I doubt I would have picked the book up in a bookstore or even on-line because of this, which is a pity as I enjoyed the historical background data and could have missed a good read. I strongly suggest a redesign! ~ Helen Hollick, Indie Reviews

...a fascinating rendition, beautifully told, faithful to the historical record but deeply respectful and plausible in its speculative attempts to fill in the gaps in our knowledge and understanding. ~ Derek Boothman, Gramsci translator and editor

Andrew Pearmain
Andrew Pearmain Andrew Pearmain is a political historian based at the University of East Anglia. His 'day job' is in HIV/AIDS care, where he manages a socia...
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