• Deer, editing and historical fiction
    • Aug 18 2014
    • Where and how do creative people work? Here's an insight... Autumn Barlow, publisher of the historical fiction imprint, Top Hat Books. Here's the space where I work on the books coming through t...
    • Anyone for real magic?
    • Aug 12 2014
    • [caption id="attachment_438" align="alignleft" width="300"] c. Tom Brown[/caption] If you try and write for Hollywood, you’ll find some interesting issues come up around magic. I had a brief flir...
    • Silver Hands
    • Jul 6 2014
    • An extract from Silver Hands by Elizabeth Hopkinson... “And so you read the Bible and your father’s account book?" Mr. Van Guelder took a sip of ale. I felt my face flush. I did indeed read bo...
    • Introduction time
    • Jun 14 2014
    • If you’re a regular here and in the habit of reading the fine print you may have noticed my arrival and sudden burst of posting. This is because I am now the ‘person who puts stuff on the JHP fict...
    • Intended, The

      A young, up-and-coming Swedish officer is suddenly and traumatically forced into the role of victim, as his newly wedded bride is defiled and murdered by pirates.

    • Starlight in the Ring

      Nelson Mandela called for forgiveness and reconciliation. When your heart is at stake, that's hard to do...

    • Silver Hands

      When marriage means erasing her soul, a voyage to the Edge of the Map is Margaret's only hope.