Little Wagons, The

The Traumatic Birth of Sicily's Cosa Nostra

Crozier Green

Hendersons, The

Daphne Glazer

Chinese Magus, The

Richard Yeo

Angel's Lamp, The

Ashby Jones

Riding Hearts

Thomas Moffatt

Grendel’s Mother

The Saga of the Wyrd-Wife

Susan Signe Morrison

Black and Deep Desires

William Shakespeare, Vampire Hunter

Graham Holderness

The Little Waggons Dec 21 2016

by Crozier Green Cosa Nostra’s Sicilian birth was an epic struggle between penury and privilege, born of a centuries-old conflict between a peasant underclass and a ruling elite. This noble cause...

Top Hat Books Nov 19 2016

This week we’re taking a closer look at our historical fiction imprint, Top Hat Books. Whether it’s a story of rebellion, loyalty and love in Ireland in the early 20th century, or an alternativ...

October/November eBook Promotion Oct 25 2016

From 15th October - 15th November eBook Promotion at $£0.99 (subject to tax by different retailer sites. This promotion should be available from all participating ebook platform sellers, which inc...

An interview with Elizabeth Hopkinson Jun 16 2016

“A great character is someone you don't think of as a character. They're a real person. You want to knife them or marry them … draw them and write songs about them … they're nuanced and complex,...

An interview with Joe Kilgore Jun 4 2016

The author talks about his latest book - A Farmhouse in the Rain, and shares his top tips for writing fiction.   Tell us a little about yourself. For the majority of my adult life I wo...

New for January - The Secular Gospel of Sophia Jan 28 2016

The Secular Gospel of Sophia They were building a religion. She was keeping a faith. In the turbulent 4th Century, Emperor Constantine adopted Christianity as the faith of the Empire. The Secula...

New for January - The Angel's Lamp Jan 27 2016

The Angel's Lamp What reservations about love are justified? Tale of rebellion, loyalty and love set in war-torn Ireland just after the Easter Rising 1916. The Angel’s Lamp centers around a lo...