• The Intended – a Pirate’s Confession
    • Oct 12 2014
    • by Sten Eirik Historical background The historical framework for my book is two-fold:  The assassination of the Swedish monarch Gustav III and the founding of a Swedish colony in the West Indie...
    • Intended, reviewed
    • Oct 6 2014
    • Sten Eirik ‘s novel The Intended has not long been out, but is already attracting great reviews. 5.0 out of 5 stars An absorbing, swashbuckling pirate tale, September 26, 2014 By Lindsay ...
    • The Intended
    • Sep 25 2014
    • Releasing tomorrow (Friday 26th September 2014) from Top Hat Books... The Intended, by Sten Eirik A young, up-and-coming Swedish officer is suddenly and traumatically forced into the role of vic...
    • Deer, editing and historical fiction
    • Aug 18 2014
    • Where and how do creative people work? Here's an insight... Autumn Barlow, publisher of the historical fiction imprint, Top Hat Books. Here's the space where I work on the books coming through t...
    • Mercenary

      Richard Longsword is a Mercenary, but this time it’s not for money, this time it’s for revenge.

    • Terrible Unrest, A

      A young immigrant family must confront the horrors of the Colorado Coalfield War to live the American Dream.

    • Escape from Smyrna

      Three families bound together by an ancient necklace that incites violence yet has powers of healing and redemption.