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    • Apr 6 2014
    • Writers Wheel Magazine Issue 1 Spring FINAL-1 Click to download your free, 40-page pdf packed with advice for aspiring authors, courtesy of our team at Compass Books! Thanks, guys! ...
    • Why Is A Tank Called A Tank?
    • Feb 24 2014
    • On the BBC breakfast news this morning, a 103-year old woman was interviewed about her memory of the Zeppelin attacking Walsall, West Midlands, during World War I. It’s part of the BBC’s World War...
    • Working With Non-Standard English
    • Feb 18 2014
    • Working with translated fiction is a challenge. I’ve recently been working on two different authors’ manuscripts where neither writer had English as their first language. Sten Eirik’s forthco...
    • Starlight in the Ring

      Nelson Mandela called for forgiveness and reconciliation. When your heart is at stake, that's hard to do...

    • Silver Hands

      When marriage means erasing her soul, a voyage to the Edge of the Map is Margaret's only hope.

    • They Walked Into Darkness

      A poignant tale of the wild west, and the hardships faced on the 'trail of tears' by the suffering Cherokee.