• Trailer - Heir To A Prophecy
    • Nov 16 2014
    • Release Date Dec. 12, 2014 Mercedes Rochelle's debut Historical Fiction novel Heir To A Prophecy asks what happens after Macbeth, and reveals how the witches' prophecy reflects real British his...
    • Writer workspaces - snuggled in the wool
    • Nov 14 2014
    • At the moment, I do most of my writing snuggled into the corner of the sofa, in my living room. I hand write first drafts, which enables me to be rather mobile. But at the moment – it being wintery ...
    • How to inspire an author
    • Nov 12 2014
    • I asked the JHP fiction authors what sort of settings inspire them... What do we need from a space in order to sit down and create? There’s a broad range of answers here – every author is unique.T...
    • November news
    • Nov 4 2014
    • All the latest news from JHP Fiction authors... Carolyn Mathews: Brook Cottage Books organised an online launch promo blitz for "Squaring Circles" on Saturday. I had to be available from 9 am til...
    • Queen of Sparta, TheA Novel of Ancient Greece

      Though history has relegated her role to that of a bystander, what if Gorgo, Queen of Sparta played a central role in the Greek resistance to the Persian invasion?

    • Terrible Unrest, A

      A young immigrant family must confront the horrors of the Colorado Coalfield War to live the American Dream.

    • Starlight in the Ring

      Nelson Mandela called for forgiveness and reconciliation. When your heart is at stake, that's hard to do...