• The book of cake
    • Feb 26 2015
    • By Nimue Brown I’ve thought about making a cake. I like cake, I buy and eat cake, and I spend a lot of time in bakeries talking to professional bakers about their cakes. I go to cake groups, wher...
    • Mercedes on first events
    • Feb 22 2015
    • Reflections on the first time 'out' as an author, by Mercedes Rochelle. On Sunday, Feb. 8, I set up my table at the “Second Sunday Marketplace at Stangl Factory” an Antiques, Art & Collecti...
    • Steampunk Hands Around the World
    • Feb 16 2015
    • [caption id="attachment_777" align="alignleft" width="194"] by Tom Brown[/caption] Steampunk Hands Around the World is in its second year, uniting Steampunks across the globe. February will be spen...
    • Valentine fic - Silver Hands
    • Feb 12 2015
    • By Elizabeth Hopkinson “We mustn’t forget to look at the stars,” I said. “But of course.  Since it is the landscape of your homeland.”  There was that slight lilt to Taro’s voice t...
    • MessiahLove, music and malice at a time of Handel

      The faltering steps of Harry Walsh as he makes his way to success and happiness performing in the playhouses of Georgian London.

    • Legacy of a Warrior Queen

      In 60 C.E. the rebel queen Boudica set out to defeat the Roman invaders -- and she did. The legacy she left behind changed history.

    • Mercenary

      Richard Longsword is a Mercenary, but this time it’s not for money, this time it’s for revenge.