Summer Reading - Intelligent Designing Jul 21 2015

What we do for fun these days is a long way from what our recent ancestors got up to for giggles. But then, we don't need freakshows, we have daytime television and reality TV shows to provide all...

Fiction News for July Jul 1 2015

NE David’s second novel with Roundfire, THE BURDEN, launches this week in York. We kick off with a formal evening at Waterstones on Thursday 2nd July at 7pm. This will be a York Literature Festival ...

Book News for June Jun 1 2015

Marie Yates was at The People’s Book Prize Award Ceremony on the 27th May. Her first novel, Reggie & Me, made it to the final, but sadly didn’t win. It’s a great book, and we’re very glad...

Love, Music and Malice May 23 2015

Murray Morison reviews Sheena Vernon's Messiah, Love, music and malice at a time of Handel It is an extraordinarily well researched historical novel, with really interesting scholarship about the l...

Hats off to Nimue May 17 2015

[caption id="attachment_269" align="alignleft" width="193"] cover art officially by Tom Brown.[/caption] A review by Sheena Cundy, reblogged with permission from For me, ...

How not to get your book reviewed May 11 2015

[caption id="attachment_808" align="alignleft" width="152"] photo c. Grizelda Holderness.[/caption] By Nimue Brown “Nimue...did you read it all?  If not can I ask that you do so?  If you hav...


Last Stork Summer, The

Mary Brigid Surber

Godwine Kingmaker

Part One of The Last Great Saxon Earls

Mercedes Rochelle

Gramsci in Love

Andrew Pearmain

Destiny Between Two Worlds, A

A Novel about Okinawa

Jacques L Fuqua, Jr

Queen of Sparta, The

A Novel of Ancient Greece

T.S. Chaudhry

Heir to a Prophecy

Mercedes Rochelle


Love, music and malice at a time of Handel

Sheena Vernon


R.J. Connor